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Birthdate:Feb 21, 1976
Location:Tallahassee, Florida, United States of America

Interests (131):

akira kurosawa, amy goodman, amy/dan, amy/selina, ana castillo, andre braugher, anthropology, babbling, barefoot gen, beaches at night, better call saul, bibliomania, bill moyers, billy bragg, black books, blackadder, bob dylan, books, breaking bad, brooklyn nine-nine, charlie brooker, christopher eccleston, coffee, community, craig ferguson, dan/jonah, david bowie, david simon, davinci's inquest, deadwood, death penalty abolition, democractic socialism, doctor who, earwolf, elementary, elvis costello, evolutionary theory, fair trade, felines, film noir, fms/cfs, fringe, futurama, garry trudeau, george and ira gershwin, graveyards, harry/ruth, history, homicide:life on the street, human rights, idris elba, independent book sellers, inspector lynley mysteries, james mcmurtry, jamie lidell, jane the virgin, jayne atkinson, jimmy/hamlin, jimmy/kim, joe strummer, john coltrane, john sayles, johnny cash, joy division, june jordan, justified, kate/caroline, kent/selina, kent/sue, kurt vonnegut jr., lamb/keith, life on mars, literary criticism, literature, lovingandhatingthestateofflorida, master of none, media consolidation, michael k. williams, molly ivins, mountain goats, mst3k, multiple beverage consumption, musicals, nicola/malcolm, nina simone, noise pop, noise shows, non-corporate radio, old hollywood, omar little, otis redding, parks and recreation, pavement, peter capaldi, poetry, pushing daisies, rebecca front, red dwarf, reproductive rights, robert altman, robert earl keen, robert jay lifton, romo lampkin, root/shaw, rossi/strauss, saul/ellen, shawn/lassiter, silicon valley, silliness, skepticism, spaced, star trek, stephen jay gould, stephen sondheim, steve earle, studs terkel, the clash, the mindy project, the pixies, the smiths, the thick of it, the wire, the x-files, tom waits, twin peaks, veep, velvet underground, veronica mars, vinyl records, xtc, you're the worst
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